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The perfect HODLR for all your cryptocoins!
  •  Portfolio Tracker
  •  Charting
  •  Research
  •  Social & Chat
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Simple, Effective and Fun!
  • Check your portfolio right from your watch
  • Track the latest price changes quickly and easily
  • Receive notifications and alerts
What’s Your Favorite Alt–Coin?
This friendly cryptocurrency tracker was crafted to give you everything you need to track and research all blockchain currencies, plus the ability to chat in-app with friends, clients and other investors.
  •  Enter your portfolio
  •  Track your holdings
  •  Graph your coins and portfolio
  •  Receive high/low alerts
  •  Follow the latest blockchain news
  •  Chat with colleagues in-app
  •  Manage in-app contacts
  •  Discover new currencies
It's all here, and it's fun to use!
Really. Even my son said so, and he wouldn't fib.
INDX01 Dashboard
All-In-One Blockchain Tracking Toolkit
Easy Tracking
View date, exchange, price, and type of order for easy portfolio management.
Monitor highs and lows to track buying and selling opportunities.
Follow four different news feeds that link to web articles, giving you a comprehensive view of the crypto-coin space.
INDX01 Chat Screen
Chart your portfolio by day, week, month or year with line or customizable candlestick graphs.
Chat with friends and experts. Private and public chats keep you informed and help you make more informed trades.
Use the randomizer to explore and discover new currencies.
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Now at Version 1.3! (1/9/18)
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